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Aeration & Power Raking


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Aeration and Power Raking


When lawns get a lot of foot traffic the soil is compressed which can make it difficult for water and air to get down to the roots. This can end up killing your grass quickly, as water and air are vital to your lawn. Aeration helps by cutting small plugs out of your lawn. This frees up space for your soil to decompress, allowing water and nutrients to get back down into the soil. Aeration can provide much needed relief for your lawn, without disturbing your grass.

Power Raking

If your lawn does not get raked frequently thatch can build up. Thatch is the accumulation of dead stems and roots just under the surface of your lawn. Thatch can be extremely damaging to your lawn, and if it gets thicker than half an inch your grass will start growing in the thatch and not the soil. If it gets to this extreme, power raking will be your best option. Power raking removes the thatch in a quick and efficient manner. If you aren’t sure how bad your thatch is give us a call and we will come out and look.

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Spring & Fall Cleanup

Does your yard look like a complete mess? Has the leaves, sticks, dead grass and other debris built up to a point of no return? No worries! At Ames Lawn Care, we will get your yard looking top-notch.

Snow Removal & Salting

When winter comes, will you be ready? Ames Lawn Care provides 24/7 snow removal and salting services. No need to call us every time it snows, we will continually take care of your home or business with our Early Bird Snow Removal.

Mowing & Spraying

Don't have time to tend to your lawn? Or maybe you want to focus on your business and not mowing? Ames Lawn Care has you covered! We provide mowing and spraying services to ensure your lawn looks spectacular to every passerby.

Aeration and Power Raking

Does your lawn get a lot of foot traffic? Making your lawn too compact to get the air, water, and nutrients it needs. Or maybe your grass dies quickly when we get hot, dry weather, which could be a sign of a thatch problem. Either way, Ames Lawn Care has the solution, Aeration and power raking. Give us a call so we can come out and give you our professional recommendation.

Sprinkler Installs & Repairs

If you have problems with your existing sprinkler system or want to get one installed, Ames Lawn Care is your best choice. Our sprinkler system technicians are highly educated and know each and every aspect of sprinkler system care. Give us a call today to see what works best for you.

Landscaping Services

Do you want a beautiful landscape, but don't have time or the all-important green thumb? Don't worry, Ames Lawn Care has you covered. We can handle all your planting needs. If you want the best yard in the neighborhood or even the most colorful business landscape, our team can design and plant the landscape of your dreams.